Adoption Terms and Conditions

Please read the text below before you apply to adopt an animal from Waterford SPCA.

  1. All dogs that are adopted from ISPCA Waterford will be neutered, microchipped, they will have their 1st vaccination, 2nd vaccination, kennel cough vaccination and worm & flea treatment will be up to date, unless there is a medical reason that prevents this.
  2. A rehoming fee of €150 applies to all dogs adopted from ISPCA Waterford.
  3. In the event that a pup is rehomed while it is too young to be neutered, it will be the new owner’s responsibility to make arrangements to have the pup neutered in a veterinary practice of their choosing prior to first heat. ISPCA Waterford will pay for the cost of the neuter up to a maximum of €100, subject to a donation being made when the dog is rehomed.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the new owner to update the dog’s microchip details and purchase a dog license.
  5. The dog must have an environment where they are free from discomfort, i.e. shelter, resting area, toileting area etc, that is appropriate for all weather possibilities.
  6. ISPCA Waterford will not rehome a dog where they will be secured by the use of a chain/shock collar/prong collar or any similar devices or where these devices are used as training methods.
  7. ISPCA Waterford does not rehome dogs for breeding or guarding purposes.
  8. It is the new owner’s responsibility to ensure the dog always has access to fresh water and a balanced healthy diet to maintain full health and vigour and make certain the dog has an appropriate amount of exercise that suits its species/energy levels/requirements.
  9. It is the new owner’s responsibility to ensure access to veterinary care to ensure rapid diagnosis and treatment of any ailments or injuries.
  10. The 5 freedoms of animal welfare guidelines are used as a minimum requirement when animals are adopted from ISPCA Waterford.
  11. ISPCA Waterford’s Board decision is final in all cases of adoptions/rehoming.
  12. It is the new owner’s responsibility to make their own arrangements for the collection of a newly rehomed dog.
  13. ISPCA Waterford reserves the right to revisit rehomed animals and if they are unhappy with the living conditions or health of the animal can reclaim it.
  14. If for any reason after a person who adopts a dog finds they are unable to keep it, they must return the dog to ISPCA Waterford and understand it is their responsibility to contact ISPCA Waterford Office and transport the dog back to the ISPCA Waterford shelter.

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