Saoirse Has Been Rehomed

Saoirse, a partially sighted deaf lurcher, came to us from a very poor situation. Her living conditions were inadequate and her quality of life was very poor.

The bad old days are over for this beautiful girl, she has found a wonderful new home and we were delighted to get an update with pictures and videos of Saoirse now known as Pickles, living it up with her new buddy, Oski.

Here’s what her new Mammy had to say…”Oski absolutely adores her (Saoirse). We knew he was an extremely friendly, peace loving chap, but he made us even more proud by showing everyone he is a true gent.

He shares his treats and toys with Pickles (Saoirse) and never complain, even when she pinches them from under his nose! Both fur babies are truly fond of each other and we couldn’t be happier. “……and WE couldn’t be happier either! An update like this is like a ray of hope on a dark winter’s evening.

It gives us hope for the neglected, unwanted and abused animals that sadly we meet as part of our work. Thank-you to Saoirse aka Pickle’s wonderful new family.PS I can’t stop smiling!!!!😃😃😃